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Large medical groups leverage our innovative, scalable solutions and services to treat more patients, get paid faster, and stay ahead of change. We know that not every group practice is the same, so why would we settle for an RCM solution that works for everyone? Aplus RCM is an all-inclusive RCM service that offers a solution tailored to the specific requirements of your health system. Our 24/7 Medical Income Cycle Management professionals enable rapid collections, timely reimbursements, discover all revenue possibilities and manage refused claims.

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Why Group Practices Prefer Aplus RCM?

Large medical groups leverage our innovative, scalable solutions and services to treat more patients, get paid faster, and stay ahead of change. We provide complete medical billing services to make claim processing and collection a breeze. By outsourcing your medical billing operations to Aplus RCM, you can devote more time and resources to providing superior patient care.

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Improve Revenue

Team of experts at the helm, our revenue cycle management services provide a payment cycle to maximize your profit by 20%.

Reduce Account Receivable

We regularly follow up on all claims to ensure timely reimbursements and our dedicated team specializes in Aging A/R Recovery.

Clean Claims Rate

Expert claim scrubbing team ensures error-free and clean claims for faster reimbursement and drastically reduces denials/rejections.

Analytics & Reporting

Make sound decisions with our data-driven reports that offer complete healthcare analytics for you to gain a new level of insight into your hospital operation.


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What is included in our medical billing services for large & group practices?

We provide comprehensive revenue cycle management services, including pre-eligibility checks, claim submission, rejection and denial management, and timely payment posts to ensure maximum reimbursements.

Why Should I Outsource Medical Billing Services?

The Aplus RCM medical billing firm makes life simpler for doctors' offices, whose finances are hampered by late payments. You will save time and money by outsourcing your medical billing to Aplus RCM, and you will also receive superior services. We remove administrative responsibilities so that your clinicians and office personnel may devote more time to patient care and clinical practice. Compared to in-house billing, outsourcing your medical billing to Aplus RCM will eliminate billing mistakes, hence increasing your cash flow. Due to our singular concentration on billing, our billing services are less expensive than employees.

What medical billing outsourcing services do you provide?

Aplus RCM offers comprehensive revenue cycle management and medical billing services, such as patient scheduling, provider credentialing, eligibility verification, claims preparation and filing, denial management, follow-up on outstanding claims, and revenue cycle management.


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