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Expertise Medical Coding Services

Medical coding is a crucial component of revenue cycle management, but it is also extremely complex. Medical coding is the process of accurately transcribing clinical data, diagnoses, and procedures into codes. Medical coding companies like Aplus RCM provide coding for practitioners, allowing them to complete the billing cycle and collections.  

Our medical billing and coding services are meant to keep an eye on every claim while also providing specialty-specific coding instruction to improve clinical documentation for each clinician. We have team of skilled coders who adhere to the healthcare industry's best coding procedures, that provide reliable coding services provides a comprehensive set of tools for quick and straightforward medical coding.

We thoroughly review all claims prior to submission and make all necessary modifications as soon as possible before submitting the claims for payment.

Key Features of Medical Coding Service

  • Medical Coding Solution

  • CPT & ICD Coding

  • Coding Audits

  • Clearing Coding Backlogs

Why Choose Us?

We keep up with the changing healthcare industry and deal with medical coding on a proactive basis. Our team of professional coders aids in the expediting of claims to payers, drastically lowering the time for payment. Improve your practice's revenue cycle management by getting medical coding done correctly the first time for faster reimbursement and higher collection rates.

  • Credentialed and Certified Coders

  • Minimize Coding Errors and DNFB

  • Specialty-focused Coding Support

  • Stay Compliant with NCCI Regulations

  • Increase Revenue by Maximizing Collections


Coders at Aplus RCM are all certified by leading medical coding institutes. We perform careful hiring of our staff and only the best ones become eligible to provide RCM cycle service to you representing us

Our medical coding service helps minimize coding errors with our team of experienced coders and advanced technology. We ensure accurate coding and timely reimbursements, improving your practice’s efficiency and revenue

We offer a specialty-focused approach tailored to your practice’s needs. Our experienced coders ensure accurate coding and timely reimbursements, optimizing your RCM cycle.

Our service is NCCI compliant, ensuring accurate coding and proper billing practices. Trust our experienced coders to navigate complex coding guidelines and streamline your RCM management

We optimize your revenue cycle to boost collections and increase revenue. With accurate coding and timely billing, we help your practice thrive financially.