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Medical Billing For Small Practices

Aplus has over 10 years of expertise with common medical billing concerns for small practices. Our professionals have extensive expertise addressing difficult documentation, lower fee reimbursement, delayed payment, and other challenges that hinder small practice claims processing. We created easy and effective solutions for small medical practices by analyzing medical billing. We personalize credentialing, claims filing and tracking, claims rejection management, payment posting, patient balance follow-up, and more to speed up the claims process for small practices.

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Why Small Practices Prefer Aplus RCM?

Aplus RCM recognizes the challenges faced when running a small medical practice, and our expertise allows us to devise a unique plan for each client. We specialize in billing services for small medical practices. We manage patient statements and A/R follow-ups on behalf of your practice. Our team creates unique reports, including an account summary, so that there is no room for doubt while looking for answers.

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We Have Benchmark In Medical Billing Services For Small Practices

Reduced Costs

We may help you save money on staffing and office costs by distributing the cost of billing employees across several clients. Plus, increase your profitability!

Claim Rejections - No More

Your claims will be reviewed three times before submission. Our claim scrubbing systems will ensure to check codes and other details before paying your claim.

Continuous Support

Our team will ensure that there is always someone ready to handle your claims. You should not worry about employee turnover affecting your cash flow.

Compliance Check

Your patient records are kept confidential. All processes are transparent, you can check your claim status anytime. We adhere to HIPAA standards.


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What is included in our medical billing services for small practices?

We provide comprehensive revenue cycle management services, including pre-eligibility checks, claim submission, rejection and denial management, and timely payment posts to ensure maximum reimbursements.

What additional medical billing services do you offer?

In addition, we provide Prior Authorizations Services, Pre Eligibility Checks, Accounts Receivable Management, and Patient Collection Services.

Why Should I Outsource Medical Billing Services?

The Aplus RCM medical billing firm makes life simpler for doctors' offices, whose finances are hampered by late payments. You will save time and money by outsourcing your medical billing to Aplus RCM, and you will also receive superior services. We remove administrative responsibilities so that your clinicians and office personnel may devote more time to patient care and clinical practice. Compared to in-house billing, outsourcing your medical billing to Aplus RCM will eliminate billing mistakes, hence increasing your cash flow. Due to our singular concentration on billing, our billing services are less expensive than employees.

What medical billing outsourcing services do you provide?

Aplus RCM offers comprehensive revenue cycle management and medical billing services, such as patient scheduling, provider credentialing, eligibility verification, claims preparation and filing, denial management, follow-up on outstanding claims, and revenue cycle management.


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