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Experience Flexibility with Telehealth Services

After the pandemic, telehealth and telemedicine services have become more viable. Consequently, telemedicine has become one of the most fundamental aspects of medical delivery. A growing number of providers are offering telehealth as a service, and Aplus RCM's telehealth billing services empower these approaches.

We help you manage patients remotely and connect with patients all around the world. Our telehealth technical solutions permit billing for follow-up calls. You will communicate remotely with your clients to deliver individualized medication and care. It is a tremendous relief for those who cannot visit the clinic due to unforeseen circumstances. Our technological methods are HIPAA-compliant, so you can communicate with your patients with confidence. 

Key Features of Telehealth Service

  • Coding Telehealth Encounters

  • Billing Charge Entry

  • Telehealth Claim Scrubbing

  • HIPAA Compliant Protection

  • Telehealth Payments

  • Digital Payment Posting

  • Appointment Reminders

  • Patient Reminders

Why Choose Us?

As a basic component of healthcare system initiatives, connecting with patients through the convenience and efficacy of tailored technology has become the norm. Our experts assist healthcare providers and patients to make their virtual doctor appointments pleasant and keep detailed records of their virtual visits and bill accordingly. We also send regular reminders to patients for their coming appointments. 

  • Billing the Video Component With the Correct Code

  • Checking Policies That Apply to Your State

  • Detailed Record Keeping

  • HIPAA Compliance


Our RCM telehealth service includes billing the video component with the current code, ensuring compliance, and maximizing reimbursement. Let us handle the complexities of telehealth billing for you.

Our staff examines policy according to your state, ensuring compliance and avoiding claim denials. We will lessen your administrative burden of telehealth billing so you can focus on patient care

Our telehealth service includes detailed record keeping, providing you with accurate documentation and audit trails. Trust us to handle your telehealth RCM management with efficiency and transparency.

We offer HIPAA-compliant telehealth services, protecting the privacy and security of your patient’s health information. Partner with us for secure and regulated telehealth billing.