We offer complete healthcare revenue cycle management services in USA to manage the financial cycle of your practice efficiently.


Aplus RCM makes credentialing fast and easy. Our expertise help with insurance enrollments, reaccreditations, revalidations and more.

Denial Management

Reduce medical claim denials with quality denial management services. Our data-driven solutions identify denial causes and automate claim appeals.

Medical Billing

Our medical billing and coding services improve patient experience, promote productivity, and increase practice collection manifolds.

Medical Coding

Outsource medical billing services to ICD, CPT, and modifiers experts. Get accurate medical coding and enhance your practice's revenue cycle management.

AR Recovery

Our expert team works tirelessly to speed up AR recovery of your tough claims to facilitate growth and collect your payments 3x faster.


Aplus RCM manages patients remotely for you, from their visit details to their billing. We ensure you receive reimbursement for your telehealth procedures.

Practice Management

Our Practice Management will handle a wide range of time-consuming tasks, leading to a notable increase in productivity and revenue.

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Aplus RCM is one of the top Medical Billing Companies in the United States, empowering medical practices to attain superior financial outcomes. We help practices thrive in the healthcare business as a Revenue Cycle Management organization. In addition to handling medical billing and revenue cycle management, it also reimburses healthcare professionals in advance, so transforming the healthcare practice. We help you enhance your entire revenue cycle process. Want to outsource your medical billing to us? It’s a breeze!

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Empowering Healthcare Providers

Transforming Your Complete Revenue Cycle Journey

End-to-End Medical Revenue Cycle Management

Aplus RCM is eager to comply you maximize revenue savings and receiving compensation for all rendered services. It’s a one stop solution for RCM and all your medical billing needs are tackled under one roof. Our professional healthcare Revenue Cycle Management services alleviate the medical office of the billing burden, allowing providers to focus on patient care. Our objective is to assist you in identifying possibilities for both front- and back-end operational improvement, so that every penny, from patients to payers and everything in between, is covered.

  • Certified Revenue Cycle Management Team
  • Increased Efficiency and Reduced Costs
  • Personalized Attention
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Exceptional Medical Credentialing Services

We are well-versed in the credentialing process and can assist you in getting the certifications required to participate in government-sponsored and private insurance programs. Aplus RCM already has a good rapport with most insurance carriers and can handle this process for you, saving you time and money. This significantly earns affiliation with various insurance providers. As experts in provider enrollment and credentialing, we manage paperwork, update practices' status, handle regulatory needs and follow up to ensure smooth provider enrollment.

  • Crucial Follow-ups For Smooth Enrollment
  • Conform For All The Compliance Standards
  • Collaborating With The Insurers
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Sophisticated Medical Billing Services

Aplus RCM is recognized as one of the top Medical Billing companies in United States. Our advanced medical billing and coding services find gaps in your processes, avoid revenue loss, and assist in maintaining the financial viability of your business by putting it back on the path to growth. As we provide round-the-clock services throughout the year to solve coding and billing issues and ensure you get your payments on time. Our medical billing experts can handle speciality billing remotely with efficiency and accuracy. Outsource medical billing services to a team that works closely with providers to reduce stress and enhance revenue.

  • Cash Flow Improvement
  • Highest Accuracy in Processes
  • Electronic and Fast Processing of Medical Claims
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Outstanding AR Management and Recovery Services

Medical practices make a significant loss since they don't work on denials and ignore outstanding claims. These lost revenue opportunities can be recovered by revising and appealing to the payer. Our team of AR recovery professionals diligently pursues each and every past-due claim, until full reimbursement is secured. We help you to collect all your unpaid claims and follow up on denials efficiently.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Reporting of Accounts
  • Complete Denial Management
  • Highest Recovery Rates


What Makes Us Reliable Partner

HIPAA Compliant

We provides HIPAA compliant medical billing services for group facilities, individual practitioners, hospitals, and other medical practices.

Affordable Services

We offer cost-effective RCM services in US to help all sizes of medical practices improve clinical, operational and financial performance.

Transparent Procedures

Long-term partnerships are built on trust. That's why we keep our clients inform about all of our procedures.

Dedicated Expert Team

We have experience and skills to handle any type of medical billing project. You can only expect reliability and best results.

Years Of Experience
Claim Acceptance Rate
Client Satisfaction
Specialties Covered
Years Of Experience
Claim Acceptance Rate
Client Satisfaction
Specialties Covered

Patient Help Desk - Free of Cost

Aplus RCM services have got you covered for any patient concerns, from appointment scheduling and report delivery to ensuring error-free data collection. We prioritize patient insurance eligibility verification and take proactive measures to avoid no-shows. Our dedicated team is committed to resolving routine patient support and service issues, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Healthcare practitioners understand the importance of post-treatment care and patient satisfaction. That’s why Aplus RCM services has a specialized department solely focused on addressing patient issues. We believe in empowering patients with comprehensive knowledge about their health, including medical claims and financial obligations.