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Sophisticated Medical Billing Services

Aplus RCM is one of the best medical billing companies in the United States. Medical Billing Services act as an intermediary between medical providers and insurance companies. Our expertise understands the time limits that both doctors and patients encounter on a daily basis and provides end-to-end medical services to facilitate more effective billing management. We help reduce operational expenses, resulting in a substantial gain in revenue. We provide efficient billing and coding services for numerous specialities.

Aplus RCM, a skilled medical billing outsourcing firm in the US, has years of expertise providing medical billing services for a wide range of medical specialities. Individual physicians, solo or small groups, medium and large health practitioners, clinics, and hospitals.

We also provide auditing services such as checking coding documents, charge schedules, assessing payer reimbursements, finding trends and core causes of problems, and training billing employees.

Key Features of Medical Billing Service

  • Error-Free Charge Entry

  • Insurance Verification

  • Claim Submission and Scrubbing

  • Payment Posting

  • Patient Statements

  • Follow-Up & Appeals

Why Choose Us?

Aplus RCM's Medical Billing Services assist practitioners in optimizing their reimbursement rate by ensuring prompt payment. We offer cost-effective billing and coding solutions tailored to your practice's needs that in return increase its profitability, and we prioritize supplying high-quality output with accuracy in order to eliminate errors and discrepancies. We have expertise in outsourcing medical billing services. Choose us to manage your medical bills because we have experience and skills, and we always treat our patients with respect.

  • Expert Billing Team

  • Maximum Claims Reimbursement

  • Quick and Efficient Billing Cycle

  • Significant Cost Cuts


Our RCM cycle team possesses exceptional skills to conduct medical billing proficiently. From code capturing to filling claim applications, our staff will make sure your bills are in the right place so that you can get quick revenue

We can help you achieve 2X claim reimbursement with our proven strategies and expertise. We will ensure that your claims are accurate and complete, leading to fewer denials and faster payments. 

Aplus RCM management provides an efficient billing cycle to help you get paid faster. We will handle your accounts receivable and follow up on claims to ensure that you receive your reimbursements promptly. 

We can help you cut extra costs by optimizing your RCM cycle and reducing the financial burden of unpaid bills. We will work with payers to resolve any issues and get you the reimbursement.