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Exceptional Medical Credentialing Services

Medical Credentialing is nerve-wracking for healthcare providers. Provider Credentialing and enrolment services in the US enroll healthcare providers with insurers. Furthermore, individuals can use their insurance to pay for services provided by physicians.

The detail-oriented application procedure can be frustrating. A tiny mistake might lead to application rejection, payment delays, and revenue loss. We track the completion and collection of all required papers, perform the credentialing process, send applications to payers, and promptly reply to any requests from payers for adjustments or further information.

We assign a team of experts to track re-credentialing deadlines, initiate, and complete the process. Our team interacts with the provider to complete the first application, undertake organization-required duties such as primary source verification and background screening, and coordinate with payers to facilitate prompt approval and speed provider starts.

Key Features of Credentialing Service

  • New Provider Enrollment

  • Re-credentialing

  • Contracting Issues & Data Integrity

  • Crucial Follow Ups

  • Updated Licensing Info

  • Providing Payers with Supporting Paperwork

  • Conforming Contract Requirements

Why Choose Us?

Aplus RCM Provider Credentialing team reduces credentialing time by up to 50%, enabling faster revenue. We handle regulatory needs and follow up to ensure smooth provider enrollment. We help in improving practice management & revenue strategies. Our expertise helps doctors attract more patients.

  • Compliance with NCQA and DHFS

  • We Eliminate Penalties

  • Extensive Experience with Medical Credentialing

  • We Boost Practice Management and Revenue


We provide NCQA and DHFS-compliant solutions to ensure that your practice meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Our team of experts will help you navigate the complex credentialing process and ensure that you are fully compliant with all regulations

Aplus RCM management will eliminate penalties by ensuring that your practice is fully compliant with all regulations. We will help you avoid costly mistakes and streamline the credentialing process

Our competent staff possess extensive experience in working with a diverse range of credentialing and all types of health facilities, which let us provide tailored solutions to your healthcare service

We will boost your revenue by ensuring that your practice is properly credentialed and reimbursed for all services provided.